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India - EU Joint Declaration for Enhanced Cooperation on Energy
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India - EU Joint Declaration for Enhanced Cooperation on Energy

February 10, 2012


Joint Declaration for Enhanced Cooperation on Energy between the Government of India and the European Union


1. Recalling the India-EU Strategic Partnership and the Joint Action Plan, adopted in 2005 and reviewed in 2008, setting up the India-EU Energy Panel for dialogue and cooperation on energy issues;


2. Recalling the Joint Work Programme on Energy, Clean Development and Climate Change adopted at the India-EU Summit held in Marseille in 2008;


3. Recalling the 11th India-EU Summit held in Brussels in 2010, whereby India and the EU reaffirmed their commitment to enhanced cooperation in the energy sector;


4. Recalling the first Coordinating Committee meeting of the Agreement for Cooperation between Government of India and Euratom in the field of fusion energy research, held in Gandhinagar in October 2010, whereby both parties agreed a bilateral work programme in support of ITER;


5. Acknowledging that India and the EU share common objectives as regards enhancing energy security, promoting energy efficiency and energy safety, and the pursuit of sustainable development through, inter alia, the development of clean and renewable energy sources;


6. Recognising that business operators play a significant role in the development of innovative clean and efficient energy technologies and that mutually beneficial activity can be further expanded;


7. Welcoming the India-EU Energy Panel decision, taken on the occasion of its 6th meeting held in New Delhi in November 2011, to extend the dialogue to include regular exchanges on energy security matters, to enhance security of supply and coordination of positions in international organisations and initiatives on energy and to continue deepening cooperation in the energy field, through a series of focused, result-oriented activities;


8. The Government of India and the European Union will work together to improve energy security, safety, sustainability, access and energy technologies and will focus their joint efforts in a number of key energy areas, on the basis of common interest and mutual benefit, inter alia:


a. Development and deployment strategies for clean energy production, inter alia clean coal technologies and advanced coal mining,


b. Improved energy efficiency of products,


c. Improved energy efficiency in the buildings sector,


d. Development of smart power grids, including the integration of renewable energy sources,


e. Cost-effective ways for the uptake of renewable energy sources as well as research and innovation cooperation on new, clean and renewable energy technologies,


f. Energy safety, in particular nuclear safety and off-shore drilling safety,


g. Advancing in developing fusion energy as future sustainable energy source.


9. Joint activities, including technical meetings gathering energy experts designated by the Indian Government and the European Commission, vocational training, and participation in relevant events organised in India and the European Union, will be set up on a regular basis throughout 2012 and onwards, with due involvement and support of both sides. Relevant institutional and government stakeholders on both sides, as well as relevant market actors, such as energy regulators, nuclear safety organisations, business representatives, research institutes and academia, transmission system operators and distribution system operators, will be invited to contribute to these activities, as appropriate. Business to business cooperation (with a specific focus on SMEs) shall be promoted to enhance cooperation in the energy sector through appropriate financial and technical institutions on both sides.


10. Support from EU funded programmes and initiatives will be explored as well as from other India and EU schemes to promote mutual cooperation. Complementarities with relevant initiatives promoted in India by the EU Member States and International Financial Institutions and other international institutions and fora, as needed, will be sought, in the context of India’s priorities and policies, so as to ensure a comprehensive approach with maximum impact. Both sides will discuss the activities to be undertaken under India-EU Joint Work Programme on ‘Energy, Clean Development and Climate Change’ by various institutions supported under EU funded programmes and initiatives and exchange information on a regular basis at the India-EU Joint Working Group on Environment, the India-EU Energy Panel and the India-EU Sub-Commission on Economic Cooperation, in order to maximise impact.


11. Progress in the implementation of these activities will be reported to the 2012 India-EU Energy Panel meeting.


New Delhi

February 10, 2012.

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